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5 Quick Tips for Increasing Twitter Followers

Twitter can be such an incredible marketing tool for your business, or blog, as long as you actually have some followers! Without followers you’re essentially talking to yourself, which can cause a few psychological issues further down the line… On a serious note, gaining followers is the key to having your content shared, creating discussions, and increasing the traffic to your website. Here are 5 quick tips to help you boost those follower numbers!

1) Make your profile stand out

Once you’ve set up a Twitter profile it is important to ensure it stands out. Make sure you have a decent description of you, or your business, a profile picture or logo, and a nice looking background or cover image. Nobody wants to follow someone who still has the infamous Twitter egg as their profile picture and a bio that consists of “We sell toys”. If you have branding done already then you can use your logo, website background, font; basically anything you have to create an eye-catching profile.

2) Start following

Have a look through Twitter and find some followers that could very well be interested in what you have to say. The Twitter search tool isn’t the easiest to navigate, nor does it always bring up great results. You can use something more specific, such as the Karuvi search tool, to look for certain interests or industries. Many people’s bios will give you a good idea of the types of interests they have, so simply follow the ones that mention your industry keywords. If you notice someone you’ve been following for a while isn’t following you back, simply unfollow them! These people are only interested in their number of followers and probably don’t even read other people’s tweets.

3) Good content only, please

Don’t start racking up your follower numbers, only to constantly Tweet the same link to your business, or blog. You need to have a wide range of content, that appeals to all of the people that are following you. Just because someone has followed you, doesn’t mean they always will, and that Unfollow button is always very tempting. Keep your content fresh, exciting and relevant to keep building up those follower numbers and maintaining them. There’s a whole range of different ways to interact with your followers, so make sure you have a great content strategy (LINK IN?) to work from. Remember to make use of keywords and hashtags, to share your content with those who will be most interested.

4) Follow your followers

If people start following you, then it’s important to follow them back! It shows that you have an interest in the people you are Tweeting to, and that you’re willing to engage and not just talk about yourself. Plus, the more followers you have engaging with you, the more people are going to notice your profile.

Ideally you want to keep your followers/following count as close as possible, which can be easier to achieve with something like the Karuvi follow back tool. You could always just click on ‘follow’ for every single follower, but if you’ve started seeing a quick increase then you could be there all day!

5) Don’t give up!

Getting Twitter followers in the beginning may seem like a bit of a long haul and you may start to get feelings of doubt. Don’t give up on Tweeting and sharing valuable content however, as this is when you’ll really see numbers drop. Make sure you are Tweeting often and you’ll soon see good quality followers, who are interested in what you have to say.

Don’t forget to ask people to follow you! Although wearing ‘follow me’ tights may not be suitable for everyone.

Posted on July 4, 2013 in Twitter

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